Healthy growth through


balanced organic food

The best of nature for your baby

Babies are very different in terms of what they feel and experience. Therefore care and sensitivity are what are needed when choosing the right baby food.

We only use high quality raw organic produce for manufacturing our organic baby food products. This ensures that your child is given the most important vitamins, minerals and nutrients it needs in its first stages of life to promote healthy development. We are building on decades of experience in making organic baby food to ensure you get the best products for your child.

DIAMOND organic dairy foods are produced to comply with strict guidelines in controlled organic cultivation and with EU regulations on organic food. Our production of organic milk is completely free of the use of synthetic chemical pesticides and protects the welfare of the cows.

Important information:

Breastfeeding provides the best nutrition for your baby. Seek advice from your hospital or your paediatrician if you want to use an infant formula. Please pay attention to important information and preparation instructions on the packaging.

DIAMOND organic dairy foods