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DIAMOND Organic UHT milk

... is not genetically modified. This is our quality assurance to you.

Milk is a natural product. It can only be as good as the producers themselves – i.e. the cows. Our organic UHT milk comes from cows, whose welfare and natural diet we can vouch for. The cows' diet is based on a diet of green food. The cows are not fed GM feed, soya or feed sourced from overseas.

... is fair to farmers.

Farmers from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, who supply us with this milk, receive a guaranteed price of EUR 0.40 / kg of milk (containing 4% fat and 3.4% protein). After all, anyone who does the hard work and can guarantee high product quality should be paid fairly for it. We therefore make a significant contribution to the future of organically run farms and the preservation of our natural environment. By buying our organic UHT milk, you too are making a positive contribution to a healthy natural environment.

Our organic UHT milk in 1-litre packaging: