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Fresh meadows, lush greenery, unspoiled nature:
Our milk comes from the Eider-Treene-Sorge region – a large grassland region in northern Germany.

We now offer our popular DIAMOND milk as a durable product. This cannot be compared to UHT milk due to the particularly gentle heating process that we use – and you can taste the difference. You can have DIAMOND UHT milk with 3.5 % fat, low-fat with 1.5 % fat and as skimmed milk with just 0.1 % fat.

The special heating process not only ensures that our DIAMOND milk has a post-production shelf-life of one year but also ensures that the fresh flavour of the milk is preserved.

Our UHT milk products

DIAMOND milk that has a fat content of 3.5 % is ideal for use outside the home – at school, nursery or the office. You can take it along anywhere thanks to the handy 200 ml Alterna pack. The pack is transportable, robust and unbreakable.

Our 1 litre packs:

Our 200 ml packs: